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Resale Consulting: Review of the luxury resale marketplace and recommendation for the highest resale value opportunity 


Reselling on your behalf: 

  • In home or virtual appointments to review items followed by collection and storage

  • Market resale value research 

  • Item photography and listing for sale on appropriate resale channel

  • Customer service managemnet and shipping 

We make resale easy. 

Let It Go Resale offers a reselling consulting service that reviews the luxury resale market to identify the highest resale value for your item and where best to sell it.


We manage the service from start to finish, either selling the item directly or via a trusted network to secure the best resale opportunity. 

We offer a range of unique services from in-home/virtual appointments and complimentary valuations, to full scope resale which includes item pickup, storage, photography, pricing, client services and shipping.

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